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Proofreading & Review Business (Mk. 2)

Is this still on? If it does, then I do need the help. What I need are proofreading and editing. The link is in my siggy.
Thanks in advance.

If you need anything from me to make the work easier, just contact me.
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I can do proofreading and editing.
My only demand is that the story must have an apathetic, evil or anti-hero main character(s).
As for reviews? Forget it.
Modern time enslaves us with fear and morals. For in a bygone era, gore and its sweetness was acquiesced by the folks. They craned at the lynching, sawing, cutting, flaying, impaling, beheading, drowning, crucifying, seppuku, piercing, and burning. Today, I am considered a psychopath for doing likewise.
Inquisitor: The Hunt

I'd appreciate some feedback in the form of reviews (simple and advanced, either work) and some comments to point out specific things if needed.

The story currently has approx. 35,000 words in it. I'm planning to revise from chapter 4-10, as those were written in a hurry. Chapters one-three have been fully revised as of now, and chapter four is partially done. All chapters from eleven onwards are also good as-is.

Well, all chapters are good as-is, it's just I'm not completely satisfied with the whole picture yet.

Thank you for whatever sort of feedback/proofreading you can provide me, I truly appreciate it.
Check out my two stories if you've got the time. 
• A shroud of darkness hides the night. The sounds of battle echoes throughout. Steel on steel, clashing in the unknown. A clash of death, uncaring and unjust. A band of mercenaries surround a mysterious figure clad in ragged black robes. Beneath its weathered cowl, two bloodshot eyes pierce the darkness. Finally, they’ve found him.
• Mathias Silver had always been a quiet, well-behaved young man until one morning when he had overheard something about a dead girl, killed by a man who the police had given the name 'Night Hunter'. He decided to investigate, only for things to spiral out of control. join Mathias Silver as he descends further and further down the rabbit hole. 
Hi, I search for an editor who could help me get a better and more coherent story.

I have just released the third chapter of my story A hero's legacy. It has 11882 words, so 43 pages. In a nutshell, the story is about the world after a hero died and the consequences of his influence. The mc is a girl that is thrown into the madness of war and has to adapt to it. The link to my story is in my signature or here:

If you would like to edit the story write me a pm.
Hello, if possible, I would be really grateful to anyone who could do a simple review and basic proofreading of my first novel. The basic plot is about a robot that was sent from Earth and ended up in a new, strange world where magic exists. I have read it through a few times and thought that it was good, but I'd really appreciate a second opinion.

If there are any major problems that you find, just message me and I'll fix it ASAP.

I am also willing to do simple reviews, under the request that the novel isn't too long, <50k words.
Here's my story, And Thus, We Hoped.
Hey All, I'm sort of switching over from the writing side of the house to the editing side and could use the practice. I don't really think I'm good enough at it to ask for money just yet (but I wouldn't complain) so I'm willing to help out for free.

I'm located in the US central time zone, (GMT -5) but my sleep habits are pretty messed up, so lets just say that I'm generally available anytime. I can't say how long any particular project will take until I've actually seen it and the author has told me how detailed an edit they would like.

Oh, one more thing, I'm an American, so I obviously use American English. If you write or are aiming to write in British English, well, I will do my best to edit it while keeping it true to the author's chosen version of English, but don't hold your breath.

You can PM me for any other details.
Hey guys. I'm writing The Zone.

So, I need a proofreader. No need to go into depth. Not that I would mind if you did. Mostly I need help with tenses, and for the proofreader to point out things I haven't noticed. I'd like to add that I've already gone through the first five chapters, though I'd like for another check on them.

I would like an advanced review. It's sci-fi, and that might be downer for some. It's also original.
The Mad Scientist of WriTE. I write sci-fi, in particular, The Zone. And you're probably not gonna read it.  *Grumbles* No one reads sci-fi. 

Lied, a Fantasy novel with Action and Adventure.

Heya, I'm looking for a simple review! GMT time, currently available daily.
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