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What gender do you prefer for a protagonist?

Every new doctor is more or less a continuation of an existing character and now being a woman is just a gender bender in a tv show and not at all the same as "is reading about male or female MC an important factor"
That's your opinion.

And if the new Doctor Who feels more like a gender bender than an actual female character in her own right, then that's exactly the problem with the series itself. It deals with the issue of how people write and portay male and female protagonists. If you're going to turn the whole thing into gender bender, then there's no point making her female in the first place, and the people here would much rather the series keep the gender of Doctor Who as male.

Now, if the series had done a much better job of emphasizing the differences of the new Doctor Who by bringing her feminity or female characteristics to the fore rather than make her female for the sake of it, the people here wouldn't have such a problem with how the gender of a protagonist is decided or portrayed. The very fact that the female Doctor Who was brought up shows the problems with how the different genders can affect the protagonist positively/negatively.

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