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Are there any novels were people are born with a random abilites

Are there any novels were people are born with a random abilities like where everyone learns what there abilities is a a certain age to see what they do

Dante Immortal has something like that were the Goddess of the world gives everyone at least one class at a certain age.
Reminds me of the *manga where the guy didn't have a power (and yet, he sorta did) and others had random gifts like the ability to find the right person, or see when people lied...
Now i can't remember the name.
I google-fu'ed. Iris Zero.
It was... ok. I liked the world setting though.

If any authors read this, I think that world setting would go over pretty well on this site, or a variation thereof.
Old series of books called Xanth. Everyone has a unique magical ability. They aren't directly told what those abilities are, they often have to figure it out.
There is a Webtoon called Flow that has that sorta thing where everyone has a god in the form of an animal that gives them a wish. Mc has a cat god but the god seems to be more than it looks to be. Its pretty good and addicting. MC looks weak but then gets really powerful.
I'd recommend Worm, the web-novel. It's fantastic. Not everybody has superpowers, but most of the important characters do.

There's also the manga (and anime) Boku no Hero Academia, which is basically exactly what you asked for, but not a novel. There are many other such mangas and anime, I'm sure, but this is one example.

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