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Flash story - A Maiden and a Dragon


So this is basically the first story I have actually finished (at least in any sort of recent history) so I am kind of excited... even though it's 300 words long. Please read it if you have the time. A Maiden and a Dragon

It was inspired by the tweet from RoyalRoadL based on an image by RedCorpse-Dezzer an image by RedCorpse-Dezzer which in turn I found out about from a thread RRL Facebook/Twitter. So in part I have Jharvey to thank for the fact that I now have an actual story finished.

Any who it's very short, very simple and will probably take less time to read than this post. I hope you guys like it, but won't be surprised if you don't.

Feel free to tear it to peaces for things you didn't like and tell me if any thing left any sort of an impression.

Thank you! :blush:

P.S. Now I see how people forget to put a link to their own story in these threads.
Flash Story - A Maiden and a Dragon (now loosely continued)

Big Grin 
Vou seguir a historia
(09-12-17, 10:28 AM)lolitacore001 Wrote: Vou seguir a historia

Hm... I actually meant this as a separate story. Not sure how would I even continue it. I could just post more short stories, but they would have little to do with the first one, so at the moment not sure how to approach that.
Flash Story - A Maiden and a Dragon (now loosely continued)


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