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  • Noah Bradley: Their Mournful Tones

Elves vs Dwarves – Reaver vs Yogo:

Each will write about their respective race founding a kingdom. These stories will have no lewds, dungeon cores, yuri play, or bearded dwarf girls. Or tables.

At the end of January, the stories will be evaluated on follower count, higher average rating, and story length – best two of three. (If we manage to find 3 judges, story length will be replaced with a vote) Make sure to finish the current arc by the end of January.

The loser must admit in chat their the winner’s respective race is the superior one.

If you agree, please indicate as much.
Now it's day and night and the irons clang and like poor galley slaves
We toil and toil, and when we die, must fill dishonored graves

Nighthunter - My Nanowrimo LitRPG
Sloths are the best race, but if I had to chose a second placer, it would be Dwarves. They're just cooler in my opinion.
A lazy author who writes too much but can't be bothered adding detail in the first draft due to overflowing laziness.
Let the games begin!

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