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Account Stats

So there's a stats tab within profiles, but it only shows details pertaining to ratings. I was wondering if there was a way to keep track of follower stats.
Within profile? You mean this ?
[Image: 1516064693-1.png]

Edit: Oh wait, I think I get what you mean. You were talking about the stats within you fiction's dashboard, right ? In that case, it might indeed be a good idea too add.
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Just something I'd like to see.
I'm not following this at all. The profile page (as barren and useless as it may be) shows all the fictions the author has is one click away from the fiction page showing its stats.
From what I understood, he didn't meant the profile page, but the fiction dashboard. There is a stats tab in it that allow us to keep a track on our ratings, but not on our followers number. So he was suggesting to add a similar function to keep a track on it. From what I understood.
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[Image: 118304rsz2ad2.jpg]
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In short, if you meant what Nerodith said, no.
I'd require us to maintain a history of followers, which isn't very useful.
It's not a data that has any worth besides curiosity and die to massive amount of data we already need to store, we opted to not storing it. Might change in the future, but not sure how likely.

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