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Question on User search-ability

Hello all,
I was wondering how we are supposed to search for particular users (not Fictions/Authors).
I have tried the Member list search function but it seems to be broken. When I type in my name, for example, it auto completes (in the search bar) but doesn't bring up my account details…
The reason I’m asking this is because when I go into the comments section of a fiction and click on a Users name who posted I get taken to a page which shows which fictions they write, have favourited etc
Why is this different from the user page which come up when you use the member list to access the same person?

Here is an example, which may make it easier to see what I'm getting it.

Example 1 of "Shebby" accessed via the Memberlist:


Example 2 of "Shebby" accessed via the comment section:

I assume you're talking about the differences between the forum profile and the RRL main page profile.

Due to an upcoming forum overhaul, we will not be fixing anything forum related that's not extremely breaking it.
After that, it's possible we will be merging the two profile pages.

On topic, the image links you provided return a 404 error.

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