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Let me review your story, no need to review swap

Hello kind human,

If you have time, review my story : Cold Sun
It's only three chapter now but I would appreciate if you point out characters and background pacing, to be sure it doesn't start in bad rythm.

I don't really know why but I am writing a story that doesn't get the usual traction like my other stories did and I want to know why because I feel like I am doing a pretty good job so far even if it is only 4 chapters in. I would really appreciate it if you pointed all the bad shit I have to fix if it's that bad no one even wants to follow it after 4 chapters...
I hope you don't mind me leaving my story here!
I'm getting way too comfortable writing my story, I need to improve myself so if you can review my story, I would greatly appreciate it: Tasteless
My current Novel: Tasteless

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