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New advertising obnoxious

It blocks access because noscript prevents the javascript from running, so it looks the same (or at least similar) to the ads being blocked by an adblocker. I'm having a similar problem myself where adoxen is occasionally blocking my access even though I have premium. It has happened both when refreshing my bookmark page and going to the next chapter in the story I'm reading. I'm already logged in, so no reason for it to even be loaded to be able to block me. I've had too many ad distributors either try or succeed in putting malware on my computer to put a shady looking one like adoxen in the allowed setting on noscript.
I mostly get ads for hardware or ads for flights to other countries, neither things I need right now, but not the end of the world.
I've never really gotten nasty ads on here, just irrelevant ones, although they do sometimes have a tendency of overlapping with the logo or doing other weird things, but meh.

Something to keep in mind is that Adblockers operate by blocking things they *think* are ads.
There was one incident with Adblock Plus where it blocked every post with the word "ad" for a really popular forum software, these pieces of software are extremely crude, and they have to be to catch every possible ad.

They can't tailor filter rules for every site on the web, so they usually cast out nets and these nets do get tangled in places they shouldn't. If someone runs into these problems, then it's on them for running the adblocker, adblocks by their very nature interfere with the normal functions of a site.

Any site which runs JavaScript is at risk of blanking out or not loading or otherwise glitching out when faced with a misconfigured adblocker. Heck, Adblock once blocked every comment on YouTube, because they were served from the same servers as the ads.
@Shaka Alek on your next post, you will be banned permanently, according to Forum Rule Number 12.

Number 12 - The sharing of pirated content or the sharing of ways to bypass systems or rules established by the site - will be removed. Repeated posting could get you banned.
I disabled my script blocker, refreshed the page, and immediately got 2 popups and a redirect. Nice, time to run a virus scan, thanks ads.

This is on mobile btw, desktop is working fine but mobile is plagued by absolute shit for ads.
Here's the thing. All ad networks are bad in some way.

The previous one was actually. Worse. Far worse.
It's what I'd call the lesser of two evils. Sites need money to run, you can't just say to a webhost... Hey, I'm running this cool site, can I have a free server with free electricity and free bandwidth? That just doesn't happen.

In fact, with many of these "free" services on large sites by tech giants, they're vacuum cleaners for Google to figure out which ads are effective (e.g. when you go and buy something after seeing it, so that they can turn around to the advertisors and say that their ads are working) and to figure out which ads will be most effective on you.

For really small sites, the owner can shell it out of their pocket, these tend to be little hobby sites and even $50 a month isn't that painful, if they're really passionate about it. And for the really big sites, with all those flashy features like Discord or Twitter, a VC firm will write out billion dollar cheques in the hope that they'll make back the money eventually, but in many cases, it doesn't go quite according to plan either.

Without money, a site can't run. Someone has to pay for it whether it's the owners, the ad networks, investors, or the users. And unfortunately, the ad world is a dog eats dog world (akin to Xianxia in some ways), weaker ad networks perish and those who survive become more and more vicious and aggressive, especially with the effect Adblockers have had on them.

In some countries, Adblocker penetration is as high as 80%, luckily this isn't the case in many, and sites have to make up for the shortfall somewhere and the ad networks will be there to fill that void. And the worst part is, that one of the biggest Adblockers, Adblock Plus, is a protection racket where they demand money to let ads run.

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