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What qualifies a novel for the Sexual Content tag?

My web serial is fantasy and not erotica or even romance.  I have planned out a few sex scenes, perhaps less than a half-dozen in the entire span of the story.  They will all be consensual (no rape, no sexual assault) and between adults.  However, they all won't be "fade-to-black" to vaguely focused; they will contain the full scene done in a way that I hope is tasteful and satisfying. 

So, my web serial contains sexual content, but not very much in the grand scheme of things.  I have put the "Sexual Content" tag on my serial, even though it's going to be a few arcs before the first one.  I'm wondering if I need it, though, and could instead put a warning before the chapter and remove the tag.
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Yes, you need it. Sexual content is sexual content. Just because your story is not an erotica doesn't mean it does not have sexual content. Especially if you plan on explictly showing the scene.
An analogy I like to use when considering tags like sexual content, profanity, etc is PG-13 vs. R. Having half a dozen sex scenes that are not fade to black, sounds like R to me. Not a perfect analogy, but a good guiding base.
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